Celebration of International Friendships and JCI Spirit – Multitwinning in Jyväskylä

In February 2019, JCI Jyväskylä had the honour of welcoming new and old friends from the two Jyväskylä’s official twinning partners of Gent Artevelde from Belgium and Würtzburg from Germany. Alltogether 16 guests travelled all the way to the winter wonderland arriving on Valentine’s Day – the day of the Friendship as it’s celebrated locally.

The beautiful view from Riihivuori cottage.

The accommodation was organized in the beautiful nature of Riihivuori, Muurame in traditional Finnish Cottages. The welcome evening consisted of merry get-together, ending in Sauna and outdoor pool together with members of JCI Jyväskylä.

Friday was a business day, consisting of visits to Harvia, the world’s biggest Sauna stove factory and Crazy Town, a new collaborative business environment for startups and entrepreneurs. The dinner was enjoyed in unique setting in the cellar of Jyväskylä City hall with a presentation of international activities of the City of Jyväskylä.

On Saturday, it was time for Winter Sports. All the international and local JayCees teamed up to compete in the Multitwinning Winter Olympics, trying to find out who masters the Finnish Winter.

In the evening’s Multitwinning gala, three new honorary members of JCI Jyväskylä were nominated for long-term support for Multitwinning – Congratulations once more for Anke Cherdron,Roger Moreira Resina and Oliver Neudert!

The new honorary members of JCI Jyväskylä

”We loved, loved, loved Winter MultiTwinning in Jyväskylä!”

”I must confess that I was most impressed by the warmth and tireless helpfulness, from all of you! I, as a newcomer in the circle of JCI Germany, could not imagine what was meant by the often mentioned ”Spirit of JCI” until my visit to Finland.  But as soon as we arrived in Jyväskylä it changed immediately. I could never have imagined so much hospitality and cordiality towards total strangers (which I was at that time). Everybody tried so hard to give us a great time at their place and they more than made it!

The time in Finland with the impressions of the country, the companies and projects as well as the encounters with the people really impressed me and I will think back for a long time with joy and tell a lot about it. I can only say how grateful I am! I am already looking forward to the return visit in Würzburg and hope to be only halfway such a good host. Thank you and wish you all the best!”

Luise, JCI Würzburg


”I was impressed by Finland and also by the organization of the twinning activity. We had an amazing time! An now when we go to a conference, we can meet again. I liked that there were some sport activities, some fun, some party, but also some business. I am really happy that we made the twinning culture more alive again!”

Ilse, JCI Gent Artevelde

“We loved, loved, loved Winter Multi Twinning 2019 in Jyväskylä!!! (we always do) The whole program could not have been any better. It was a perfect mix of business, culture, and teambuilding outdoor and indoor activities. The heartwarming hospitality was amazing. Big thank you to everyone involved for you work!

The company visits were very interesting and it was a very nice evening in the mayors building with the informative datas about Jyväskylä. Like all other program points the outdoor teambuilding challenges were top prepared and we had so much fun. Sauna and hot tub were also as relaxing and fun as always. But this time the highlight was truly the dog safari. For most of us it was the first time to enjoy such an experience.”

Myrna, JCI Würzburg

”Twinning in Finland has been awesome experience for me. It was so great to see how easy international networking can be. I felt like I was part of the JCI family right away. To get an insight into Finnish culture and way of life first hand was impressive. The program you guys had put together including the beautiful accommodations by the lake was so much fun! Thank you again for your great organization! I hope to see you soon again.”

Greta, JCI Würzburg


Text: Pirita Huotari & Susanna Hämäläinen

Pictures: Susanna Hämäläinen

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