Winter Multitwinning Jyväskylä

 On February 14–17, 2019

JCI Jyväskylä’s friends from Germany and Belgium are travelling in to the middle of the cold Finnish winter in February 2019 to enjoy a long weekend of international networking, learning experience and celebrating the long-standing cooperation and friendships between the three chapters.

The Multitwinning team is already waiting friends from Germany and Belgium.

Twinning is a programme of Junior Chamber International (JCI) between two chapters or organizations, whose objective is to exchange personal visits, ideas, projects and culture. In 2019 JCI Jyväskylä and JCI Würtzburg are celebrating the 20th twinning anniversary, and JCI Gent Artevelde the 12th. This means in practise that for 20 years, members of JCI Jyväskylä have had a chance to learn about culture and projects in other countries from person to person, to exchange ideas and knowledge about business and life – and most importantly to create long lasting international friendships. This year we are celebrating our history and building our future by organizing an unforgettable winter experience in the beautiful Central Finland.

The winter wonderland in Jyväskylä.

The key to this year’s twinning is to create time and space to create personal contacts, activities to bring the group together and surprising learning experiences (AHA!-moments) about Finland, Jyväskylä and business life in Central Finland. Our 15 guests and a big group of people from JCI Jyväskylä are staying in Riihivuori cottages where there is time to experience sauna, snow and the intimate “Mökki” atmosphere in the middle of beautiful winter nature.

On Friday, we are heading to Harvia, the world’s biggest heater factory in Muurame – who knows, maybe we will find the spirit of Sauna? In the afternoon, we are diving into the buzzing Finnish start up scene at Crazy Town, and enjoying networking dinner at the beautiful Jyväskylä City Hall.

Harvia`s Modulo heater and sauna.

Our Saturday is packed with winter activities. The morning starts with dog safari, continuing with Twinning Winter Olympics. The after games are played in the Sauna, so that in the evening we are ready for the Twinning Dinner & Party. The whole of Saturday program is open for all the members of the chapters in Regional C and their families. Sunday Farewell Breakfast will prepare our guests for the travel back home packed with unforgettable experiences and a buch of new friends!

Frozen lake in the evening.

Registration for Saturday (Feb 16) is open for all the JCI members of Regional C – warmly welcome!  Sign up latest on February 6!

Pirita Huotari

Greatest thanks to our Multitwinning sponsors:

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