Winter Multitwinning experience on the 14–17th of February 2019

Winter MultiTwinning in 2019.

In February 2019, JCI Jyväskylä had the honour of welcoming new and old friends from the two Jyväskylä’s official twinning partners of Gent Artevelde from Belgium and Würtzburg from Germany. Alltogether 16 guests travelled all the way to the winter wonderland arriving on Valentine’s Day – the day of the Friendship as it’s celebrated locally. Read more!

Highlights of Summer Multiwinning 2016

Twinning cannot be explained it needs to be experienced
Twinning kann man nicht erklären das muss man erleben
JCI Jyväskylä has a long tradition in twinning activities. Our two twinning chapters are JCI Würzburg in Germany and JCI Gent Artevelde in Belgium. The twinning contract with Würzburg was signed already 16 years ago and with Gent Artevelde in 2007. All our Twinning activities have been open for all three chapters and that is why we call our joint venture “MultiTwinning”.  In addition to German and Belgiumguests, this time we had two cheerful guys from JCI Riga, Latvia, too.

Our MultiTwinning adventure is about to begin. First day and Summer Olympics on a perfect sunny summer day. Wife Carrying is one of those beloved Finnish summer sports. Style by Frank, Peter, Riku and Marlen. Experienced senator Kari and honorary member Sanna leading the “newbies” Sebastiaan and Jochen in the wife carrying championship.

Following JCI Finland’s strategy to provide members with possibilities to develop their international capabilities and business relations, and in the honor of European Conference in Tampere in June we had decided to organize a three day MultiTwinning event preceding the EC. The program offered inspiring activities in the spirit of JCI: namely Finnish cultural heritage and adventures, trainings, business visits, not forgetting the most important one – experiencing sauna.

Experiencing sauna. Over the three days we tested traditional sauna, smoke sauna, tent sauna and jacuzzis at Mari’s place, Varjola and Revontuli. And learned the much needed Finnish words “kiuas”, ”löyly” and “löylyä lissää”!

The purpose of our twinning has always been to initiate and cherish learning, lifelong friendships, and as a consequence to create business opportunities for our members.
Company visit at Protacon

Visit at LogiApps introduced us to a system for managing and optimizing road transports and mobile work. At Protacon we learned about digitalization and creation of the new world of services.

Experiences and memories from the participants:
This event was wonderful experience. Trainings, sport activities, company visits and Finnish sauna. And it happened to be right at the time as also a pre-tour for JCI European Conference 2016. New friendships were made.” -Maris Krastins and Auseklis Sarkans
Croos country skiing without snow - one of multitwinning olympic activities

Another national sport, also without snow. Kristiina coaching, Stefan skiing, Toni cheering. On the background one team pondering their rubber boot throwing tactics.

The MultiTwinning event was absolutely wonderful – an excellent and diversified program, very well organized. A great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. Oh – and did we mention the beautiful scenery of the Finnish landscape and the hospitality of the people that we were able to experience?” – Nadine & Carsten Lexa

We are ready to shoot the rapids with a rubber boat through the foaming waters of Kuusa in Varjola! After that excitement, Peurankello buffet lunch at Peurunka was well deserved. The day continued with paddling and rowing trips on beautiful Lake Peurunka in kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards and church row boats.

Thoughts: I was able to meet wonderful people in an unique country and a stunning natural environment. Experience: The Association of JCI knows no limits. Memories: I will never forget that I was able to make in Finland despite my fear of heights the wonderful experience of a balloon ride. I was overwhelmed.” -Frank Schuhmann
Midnight balloon ride, an experience never to forget.

Surprise program organized by our honorary member Vesa! Frank and the midnight hot air balloon ride.

MultiTwinning offered a special experience to me teaching and offering a lot about our twinning-partners, Finnish culture and JCI in general. Even more than I expected. Our hosts were very welcoming and we felt like part of the family from the very first moment. The memories will remain in my heart. You can’t explain twinning, you have to experience it. Thank you for all the arrangements and for all the participants! ”-Marlen Wehner
Company visit at Valtra

Business program. A world leading tractor manufacturer Valtra offered us an interesting factory tour and exciting test drive with their newest models. New tractor mugs made everyone smile.

We warmly thank our sponsors and partners who enabled us all these amazing experiences! Valtra, LogiApps, Protacon, Kirjakaari and StopOver Central Finland -project. And holiday resorts Varjola, Peurunka and Revontuli.
Text: Mari Suoranta
Images: Perttu Poikonen, Frank Schuhmann




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